Switchable Work Contexts

Here's a first form of a materialising idea I've had in my head for a while.

I'm often annoyed that so many small steps need to be taken when it comes to working with a computer. You need to think through, and construct detailed execution plans whenever you want to start working on a task:

Stuff like this, every single time! It's so much unnecessary busywork.

The Fix

The solution I enjoy right now, makes it possible to enter a working context with a single command.

It's made possible through a few convenient i3wm features, and a bit of bash scripting.

Currently, there are three simple bash scripts:

Those scripts have removed so much friction in my daily routines. So much less thinking is required. I love it!

Environments, not Applications

I think the key element is, that I only have to formulate my intention (I want to work on X), and don't need to think about the exact steps needed to make it happen.

The new workflows are way easier - because I don’t need to create ad-hoc fine-granular plans every single time.

This is probably not the final form, but it's absolutely terrific.

Concepts: [[Context]], [[Automation]]