The Current Site Structure

This blog, and all its entries are a test-bed for ideas. Raw thunking and rambling material, yet to take proper form. A pulse of my public work in this area. (TODO: reference "you should work in public")

Concepts, are terms and entities of interest. Largely static and significant from their feel, but not more usable than that.

Zettel, are permanent notes, which are made to be densely-linked, iterated on and used as building blocks for future thinking.

Ideas, are glimmerings of something interesting. They will develop over time, influence each other and point into the direction they want to go. Insipiring projects, influencing the direction my thinking tries to take or simply existing.

This structure is not final, but I like the feeling of having a structure in the first place. Let's see where it goes.


Concepts: [[Structure]]